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Sea Royal Offers Two Basic 
Property Management Options

Option 1, Tenant Locating:

This option includes advertising the property, showing the
property to prospective tenants, screening applications of
Prospects, obtaining the owner's approval, drawing up the
Lease documents, collecting all of the move-in monies, and
resolving any move-in issues. After all of these tasks are
successfully completed, we turn the property over to the
owner for on-going rent collection and tenant relations. For
this service we charge the first full month's rent.


We generally use the Flyer Magazine because we have found
it brings the most qualified tenant leads for the dollar spent
in print advertising. After the Flyer, we concentrate on the
Internet. About 60% or more tenants start their searches on
the Internet today. Especially those from out of the area that
are transferring here on good paying job transfers. Therefore
we list your property on the Mid-Florida MLS, The Florida Living
Network, and These are the Local, State, and
National Realtor search sites. gets more hits, over
a million a day, than any other real estate web site. After these
we list on various other sites that are productive such as:,,, and Yahoo
Real Estate. If a month of Flyer ads do not produce a viable
tenant, any further print ads would be at the expense of the
owner. We also place a sign on the property and a flyer info box
if allowed by your Homeowners Association.


To facilitate ease of showings and possible access to the
property by vendors and contractors, we place a coded, private
lock box on the property. If there is a current tenant in the unit,
we do not do this until it is vacant. All utilities should be left on
during the rent up process. Many families are 2 income and the
only time they can look at properties is in the early evening or
on weekends. If there is a tenant currently in the property, we
require a copy of their Lease to determine how much
cooperation they are required to participate in. By Florida Law,
only 12 hours notice is required for an owner or their agent for
entry. We almost always give 24 hours, except in emergencies.


Once we have an application we use a national screening
service that gives us a report which tells us if the applicant(s)
have a criminal record, if they have any registered evictions, and if they are a sexual offender. We also diligently try and get verbal references from their present Landlord and current employer. We do not pay any fees to employers who charge to release this information.


We never make the decision to approve or deny a tenant
application. Only you, the owner make that decision. We provide you the information we obtain and offer our opinion of the

Lease Up:

Now that you have approved the prospective tenant, we start the Lease preparation. Realtors, by Law, may only write a Lease of up to 12 months (1 year). If you and the tenant agree to a period longer than 1 year, we have Attorneys, Heist, Weisse, and Davis, who can prepare a Lease of any length and have it ready in 24 hours for $35.00. Otherwise, we use a standard Florida Association of Realtors (FAR) Lease and related Addenda, prepared by FAR Attorneys.

We then collect all of the Security Deposits, prorated or full 
Rents and resolve any move in issues, such as repairs, clean-up,
etc. We also issue a "Statement of Condition," to the tenants to
fill out, sign, and return to us as soon as practical. After these
issues are resolved, we give you a full accounting of the monies,
A signed copy of the Lease, and a signed copy of the "Statement
of Condition." The "SOC" is a 4 to 5 page document that goes
room by room and inside and out of the property, where the
tenant list any knicks, dings, dents, scratches, non-working
items, or anything they don't want to be charged for when they
move out.


Security Deposits must be kept in a Florida banking institution.
When we transfer the tenants Security Deposit(s) you must
inform the tenant as to what Bank and Branch you have placed
their deposits. We keep ours in a Non-interest bearing account.
Therefore no accounting is needed for the interest, which would
belong and payable to the tenant upon move out. Also, most
banks do not charge fees for Non-interest accounts. You should
not be mixing or co-mingling these funds with your own monies.

By now, we have informed the tenant(s) that you will be
handling the property, beginning when we transfer their
deposits and rent. They will have your contact info, and you will
have theirs. We are now OUT OF THE PICTURE. However, we
will remain available to consult with until you are comfortable
with the process.

For Option 1 we charge the first full month's rent.

Option 2, Full Property Management:

With Option 2, we do everything listed above in Option 1.
However, we only charge 1/2 of the first full month's rent for
the Leasing Up. We then continue to manage the property,
handle all tenant relations, collect the rents, and issue you a
monthly statement showing the rent collected, and any cost
paid on your behalf to vendors, contractors, or repairmen as
line item debits and attach copies of any invoices. For this part
of Option 2 we also charge 10% of the collected rents
, starting
with the second full month.

Vendors, Contractors, and Repairmen: 

Our management agreement allows us to authorize any repair 
or Contractor work up to $150.00 without having to contact
you. If the work or item will obviously cost more than our
$150.00 repair limit, we will arrange for at least 2 or more
estimates, call you to discuss them, and once you accept an
estimate, expedite it.


Hopefully, our screening process will eliminate the need for any
action of this nature. However, even with the best screening
you can still end up with a bad tenant or one who falls into a
financial crisis. When this happens, we differ to the Law firm of
Heist, Weisse, and Davis. Evictions and Landlord / Tenant
actions are their sole business. They only represent owners and
Property Managers, never Tenants. They also supply us, for
free, all of the neccessary Legal documents and Notices for any
situation that arises. You can find out more about them at their
web site:

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