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The most important first step in the Home Buying Process is to talk with a Mortgage Professional. Most Sellers today want to see that if you are not buying with straight CASH, that you will be able to obtain financing in a reasonable amount of time and then close the transaction. Usually the minimum they want to see accompanying your offer is a Letter Of Pre-Qualification, or Pre-Qual. This is a cursory review of your debt to income/asset ratio, and should be done free of charge.  It will reveal the approximate maximum amount a Lender will be willing to loan you. Knowing that ceiling will save you a lot of grief in not trying to buy a home you won't be able to get financing for. The next level, if you're a serious Buyer is to get fully approved for a loan. This is a much more in depth review, and will require you to produce many documents, and data, and usually will cost between $350.00 to $450.00, depending on the Lender. Once approved though, your leverage in the negotiations for an Offer are much greater as you are then, essentially, a CASH Buyer, only
subject to an appraisal.

"Not getting, at least, a Pre-Qualification Letter, is like going hunting with an unloaded rifle. If you see anything worth shooting, by the time you get loaded
its long gone."

Sea Royal Realty Recommends
The Following Professionals:




Kenneth Lo 
Independent Mortgage Broker (Speaks Mandarin)
ABK Financial

9325 Cypress Bend Dr Tampa FL 33647 us


Timothy Metcalf 
PNC Bank, Clearwater Branch
2498 Gulf to Bay Blvd
Clearwater, FL
813-637-7139 (Direct)

tim.metcalf@pncmortgage .com 
Yumi White 
 (Speaks Japanese)

Loan Officer

Universal American Mortgage Company

4600 West Cypress Street,  Suite 110

Tampa, FL 33607

Direct: (813) 334-5219
Fax:    1(855) 454-3124

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